Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week 1-2 of Franz Building Project: Site Models & Perspective Renderings

Since returning from our field tip to New Orleans, the studio has focused on two tasks:
1) Constructing site models of the Franz Building and surrounding Central City neighborhood context and;
2) Beginning initial design studies through an exercise of perspective renderings. Each student was asked to construct at least one exterior and one interior view of his/her initial interests. Once completed, these renderings were transmitted to the Good Work Network as a first in a series of deliverables. The purpose of this deliverable is to present ideas to the Board at Good Work. After revisions over the course of the forthcoming week, these renderings will be used for fund-raising purposes.

Alla Agafonov

Nick Berube
Lizzy Bochner
Clauida Bode

Johnny Chen

Leigh Heller

Kathleen Johnson

John Kleinschmidt

Andrew Stern

Aaron Williams

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Noel and Earl have chosen a winning scheme.
The red coop by Alla, Claudia and Kathleen.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Alla, Claudia, and Kathleen revise materials

After our review we decided to revise some of our material decisions. This is an array of possible choices for the exterior materials. All have variant costs that have to be considered but the design is possible in all configurations.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Alla, Kathleen, Claudia

My original scheme inveolved a large roosting area which could be seperated from a smaller nesting area. The nesting boxes are small enough to be transported in one piece, while the roosting area needs to fold or come apart for transportation. These ideas are still present in the coop that Alla, Claudia, and I created by merging our schemes together.

After Friday's review it is necessary for us to rethink our material choices. We originally clad the coop in wood and corrugated plastic, but then found a lighter PVC foam (Komatex), and Coroplast twin wall sheeting. While these materials are lighter, and a little more unusual, they are not good for the environment.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Alla, Kathleen, and Claudia

We consolidated our separate ideas into one project and this is the last sketch model. The conclusion that we reached was that the shape of the coop be orthogonal for easy construction, nesting box be separate from roosting area in that it can be removed for cleaning, the nesting box be lifted off the ground for easier access, the entire coop have the ability to be transported in pieces or panels that fit in a cargo van, the structure be made of steel angles with opaque plastic on the roof and two side walls and translucent plastic panels on the other sides.

The framework.

The separate panels.

The nesting box.

Viola, a chicken coop makes a great addition to any back yard.

Alla's first attempt

I began looking at how to break up the space so that the shape of the coop is a reflection of the basic functions of a coop. A larger area is devoted to roosting, the access from the inside is only to the roost, the lowered area is devoted to nesting, which is accessible from the outside, and it is all made of as little planes as possible.

This is another variation that is more orthogonal making it easier to build, as well as having the ability to expand by removing one of the side walls and joining a second identical unit.