Monday, May 12, 2008

The Breakdown of the Chicken Coop

The coop: as visible from outside the community garden.

The client with the coop:

The Building Process:


The foundation is made of concrete boots inset with short perforated metal angles.

The foundation has to be laid once the coop is assembled to guarantee orthogonal orientation of the coop structure.

The dirt is dug out from underneath the coop, the boots are set in, and then the coop is bolted to the angles.


The coop is put together with perforated steel angles allowing for mostly nut and bolt connections and a minimal amount of drilling.

Steel angles are used for bracing and supporting.


The polycarbonate panels act as bracing as well as enclosing the coop. The panels are perforated with louvers that allow for cross ventilation.

The panels all come apart as individual parts of the coop.

The roof is slightly lifted from the framework allowing for cross ventilation in both directions

The corrugated roof directs water and debris down the coop and can double as water collection.

The corrugated panels make up both the sliding chicken door and human door

(2-foot tall chicken door pictured).

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