Friday, February 20, 2009

God's Vineyard Update February 2009

Derek Hoeferlin's Spring 2009 Wash. U. architecture and urban design studio of 10 students and Jane Wolff's and Elise Shelley's University of Toronto landscape architecture studio of 26 students visit God's Vineyard on February 7, 2009.

God's Vineyard co-directors Earl Antwine and Noel Jones present the mission of the garden and update the studios on the current state of the coops and garden. The chicken coop is appropriately dirty, fully functioning, fully resilient, and at full capacity. It is outputting dozens upon dozens of beautiful brown and green eggs for the community. The African Geese are happy in their separate goose coop too, despite damage the goose coop received from a wind-driven projectile.

At present, the garden has a new gang of volunteers, including John Kleinschmidt - former Hoeferlin student/RECIPE member and now New Orleans transplant/intern architect at Waggonner & Ball Architects. The garden is being tilled and seeded at time of this posting.


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