Friday, March 7, 2008

Hey this is Leigh,
Here is an updated version of my exterior rendering of the Franz Building. I rendered it as being fully refurbished and remodeled to a new and improved version of its existing condition, and removed the dilapidated buildings and powerlines surrounding it. It might leave the picture a little out of context, but it alows the Franz Building to be the focus of the rendering, and allows you to see how beautiful this building could be even in just a restored state with no new designed elements.

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Post-Katrina NOLA, Episode III: "RECIPE" said...

One other edit I would make. Remove all the power supply boxes, etc. on the side elevation. After renovation, this stuff may or may not be there (could be relocated around back), but for purpose of a rendering, just photoshop it out and replace with brick. You already got rid of the power lines, so why not this too?