Friday, March 7, 2008

Wash. U. and M.I.T. advance to Phase 2 of Chase Competition

Our studio has teamed up with students and faculty advisor Karl Seidman at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the JPMorgan Chase Community Development Competition. We will be submitting the Franz Building project on behalf of our New Orleans' nonprofit partner, the Good Work Network. After submitting the initial project abstract proposal, our team was selected as one of nine finalists to continue forward, with an awarded stipend. The deadline is April 18 for final written proposal, and if selected for the final six, the oral presentations will be held in New Orleans on May 6.

"The JPMorgan Chase Community Development Competition gives a team of students an orrortunity to partner with a New Orleans nonprofit organization to develop a real estate project that is feasible, sustainable, and helps to build and strengthen the local community."

Congrats on advancing to the next round!

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